10 Ways Of Increase The Traffic Towards Your Blog

There are many ways to increase the quantity and quality of visits we receive in our blog. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective. 1. Create groups of links within your blog. It is creating a group of links within the blog, aimed at increasing the traffic of a particular entry. Let us say that it has an article on how to make money online.

Then, edit ten entries to include the phrase how to make money online as directed toward that entry anchor text. So you will have created a cluster of links. The more likely result is that you rise in the ranking of Google for that keyword. It is a method that can be used for any keyword you want and not going to take more than 15 minutes. 2. Work the tags of the title of entries with more traffic.

If you look at his stats, you can identify the entries with more traffic and what keywords sending them traffic, even if those keywords are not in the title. If you change the titles (URLs, means) of those entries including key phrases that give traffic, will also rise in the search engines and it will reinforce that entry. It will cause a good difference with ease in the quality and quantity of the traffic that you receive. 3 Invite their readers to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon. One never has enough number of connected in these social media. 4. Book your best tickets for the best moments of the week. It will be better to reserve their best posts for moments of the week where there is more traffic. Weekends are not good for that. Look at their statistics in Google Analytics to find out which is the day of more traffic on your blog. 5 Edit your entry once more. Can you improve the title or the first paragraph in any way? Small details of his entry, especially the words used in the first paragraph, can cause a big difference in traffic and links. 6. Allow already write about himself. Start to solve problems. The people who come to your blog surfing, become readers if you offered something interesting that resolves a problem, or da entertainment. Something that people want. That usually means that don’t care them too much his personal life. 7. Subscribe to the feeds of the main actors in its theme. In this way, you won’t be losing important press releases. When a big news in your industry, make use of the increase in traffic from people looking for current information on this subject. 8 Give a good article to publish in an important blog within your theme. This technique will give gains traffic and relevance, both to you and to the owner of the blog. Send by email or through the own blog entry does not cost anything. 9 Go to a shop. Look at magazines and pay special attention to the titles used in the covers. To create interest around an article, there is nothing like a great title. And the great magazines very well performed this work of finding attractive titles. 10 Reply to emails and discuss questions. Although he has answered the question a hundred times above, there is nothing indicating more that you care about your readers who answer your questions. Finally, after all, the people go to your blog because you meet them problems.

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