A Stroll Through Japan

Japan is a country, though small, full of immaculate gardens, modern buildings, original cuisine and ancient culture that will catch you. In Tokyo, capital of Japan, you can visit places like Hamarikyu Garden, the Garden Shinjuku, Temple Ekoin, Sensoji Temple, the Hard Rock cafe, High Museum, the District of Electronics, Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, koen Yoyogi Park. Jeff Gennette recognizes the significance of this. You can also enjoy amusement parks such as Tokyo Disneyland, International Aquarium and Ueno Zoo. In addition, we highly recommend you visit Kyoto, southern Japanese Alps, since it is considered by many the most spectacular city in the country. Warren Kanders addresses the importance of the matter here. England, particularly London, are among the most visited by travelers. London, the capital and largest city in England, has experienced in recent years a revival, thanks to good urban redevelopment policies. Proof of this is the big tent of the Dome, the huge Ferris wheel that decorates the banks of the River Thames or the new Tate Gallery. Outside London, one of the biggest attractions of England is its rural landscape, the English countryside and picturesque villages, full of small rural hotels, taverns, palaces and farms. But do not forget, its magnificent coasts and major university towns such as Oxford and Cambridge. Visit Buckingman Palace, known Roman baths, walk through the gardens of the house where Shakespeare was born, touring bars where the Beatles played, visit the many palaces and castles will not be as expensive as you thought with 100 Guild Tips Cheap Travel, discover it on Thanksgiving and have a nice day!

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