Agrarian Industry

Last Friday I left with a hope: that the agrarian conflict in Argentina is resolved. Not only did it worse. It was not a forlorn hope. The government decided on Tuesday, and after taking the country into the air and flames for three days over the weekend, to send to Parliament Resolution 125 created by the Argentine Ministry of Economy, which is what created the mobile retentions in March past, which increases the rates of certain commodities such as soybean, sunflower and maize to 44% (confiscatory) and mobile, from 35% to 10 March, and lower for other agricultural products like wheat, to a lesser proportion. The agricultural sector has ceased trading and there is no industry in Argentina that is not suffering from this chaos. The ox only good licking, the governing party has a majority in both legislative chambers. What will they vote? A project that is already "voted" in advance? It is likely that the political scenario even more complicated. We'll see the reaction of field if the law leaves the Parliament without being able to change the mobile retentions.

Will the popular disgust Symphony led by the Argentine cities pans? Will they still roadblocks that prevent passing grain trucks for export? How society reacts nervously put the government at the weekend, and before that repeal holds, seemed willing to give something much more important, and the institutional order. The government refuses to listen to 80% of the population that asks you lose these deductions. Argentina's president has lowered its positive image, only 20%.

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