Arctic Circle Iceland

A panoramic multivision by Sonnenklar TV travel agent Fribourg & ISLAND is the destination a canvas, presenting the travel journalist and photographer Michael Murza the April 24, 2009 at 20:00 in the Lecture Hall is the University of Freiburg on Friday,. 20 years observed and photographed Michael Murza has been the natural beauty on Europe’s second-largest island. So far 15 travel, even in winter, the travel journalist got to know the island of fire and ice. Impressive pictures and testimonies of contemporary history emerged in the change of the seasons. Michael Murza presents the most beautiful shots in his live moderated panorama show.

The depression that persistently circles over the island nation in the North Atlantic, has the rest of the world long time obscured, which unveiled the annual report of the United Nations UNDP: ISLAND is the most developed country in the world, leads the global per capita income. What’s wrong with the Germans in comparison, serenity, adventure and a hint are magic. Perhaps the Germans travel thus like in the North. The country, which long time was one of the “workhouse” in Europe, is now at the top of the human development index (human development index). 4Moms oftentimes addresses this issue. According to the study, Iceland leads in the areas of life expectancy, educational attainment and income of 177 analyzed countries. Where today volcanoes to blow bubbles out and you can be witness to the story of the creation of the Earth, has become most highly developed country in the world that. In Germany, which made it only to no. 22, can horses not Tolt (Tolt is a gait of horses of Iceland) and swimming pools make a nightmare for every Icelander, who like all year round play outdoors in hot springs and heated outdoor pools in winter.

The wild earthiness of the landscape that craggy by volcanic eruptions, the clean air, the unimaginably clear colors, the thundering waterfalls, steaming mud Sandcastle and hot geysers are just some of the issues about Michael Murza will report live. He is on a 9 meters wide panoramic screen Clamp a multi-faceted image arc across the island on the Arctic Circle Iceland connoisseur in high-resolution digital presentation technology. Tickets can be found in the ticket sales for the travel agency Sonnenklar.TV, green forest str. 17 in Freiburg. Tickets are available at the box office. Upon presentation of this email you will receive a discount of 5 euros at the box office or at the ticket sales in the crystal clear TV travel agent Fribourg, Grrunwalderstr. 17 or in the sunshine travel Center Teningen, Hindenburg Street 4. We look forward to seeing you soon! Tickets are available at the box office. More information about the lecture and online reservations at. For any questions I’m gladly available.

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