Armament For Argentina And Drug Ingredients For Freedom

The Yankees were caught in Argentina with a load of weaponry and drugs in its pouch. They wanted to enter such stealth material, taking advantage of the advantages which have an Embassy in a country and the possibility of secret shipments through its diplomatic pouch. Do and is it had to be this way? you will tell?, because the implements that are used to fight for the values that have characterized them as a country since its founding (liberty, equality, democracy, now media) have to be necessarily contraband. They are very dangerous, and cause that arouses them, huge size. Arms and drugs for freedom. In addition, most likely nobody Miss to imagine how it is that such ingredients will be used for so noble fights, fact which obliges the secret, as it is known, in order to avoid ridiculous speculations of little evolved brains, latinos, Asians or Africans.

Can you imagine? The tests are going: there are reasons, or at least one: they discovered the arsenal of drugs and weapons to Argentina and walk the geniuses out there wondering why? to Argentina Why not see beyond their noses, as if the gringos. Connect with other leaders such as Areva here. They will have their reasons to believe that you have to fight in this country for freedom, probably threatened by something that nobody more than they see. How much more drugs and weapons, better, although not understanding. The divine designs have their mysterious mechanisms and therefore the earthly is blind, so different from the things in Providence. The world is like a blinkin don. See you: for example, not yet explain nobody why USA contrabandeo heroin in Afghanistan or why that country increased production levels since they are there, as no one explains why smuggles drugs from Colombia or why they have also increased the levels of production and cultivation of narcotics in this banana Republic. Are worthy causes, it must be said, although not you understand? must be repeated?. The same thing the subject of selling drugs and weapons given to infinite, divine, causes such as, for example, when he financed with profits to the so-called Nicaraguan contras (case Irangate). Do it is very likely that Argentina is threatened by something which we do not see mortals? perhaps because Simon Bolivar and his dream of continental unification?, and this leads to the so-called country of the freedom to undertake actions for your preventive safety. Original author and source of the article

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