Art Basel Conversations

J.Y.O. Art Basel, the fair of more important art of the world, is celebrated from the 15 to the 19 of June. The Swiss city account with 40 museums. Basel is filled with buildings projected by stars of the architecture. Between the 15 and the 19 of June, Basel becomes, once again, in the world-wide capital of the art with the celebration of the fair Art Basel. The numbers speak of the magnitude of this incomparable showcase of the last tendencies: three hundreds of galleries coming from 15 countries will show the works of 2,500 artists of centuries XX and XXI. With a supply of such caliber, it is important to know the location the proposals of the fair, whose it soothes central is Messeplatz, building of years 50 designed by Hans Hoffmann. Individual the 27 the emergent artists will occupy stands of the section Art Statements ; Art Feature Sector will lodge a twenty of curatoriales projects; videoarte, performances and the great pieces will find their space in the zone Art Unlimited Sector ; and, finally, debates carried out by great rrentes of international the artistic scene will take place in Art Basel Conversations and Art Hall.

Also, sample, that is celebrated in Basel since the collector Ernst founded it to Beyeler on 1970, will extend by different spaces from the district of St. Alban with the section Art Parcours. Art of yesterday and today To horse in France and Germany, in center of Europe, the third city more populated with Switzerland (around 166,000 inhabitants) has an only comparable cultural supply to a great metropolis. Up to forty museums, the majority of first level, is distributed by their streets. The Museum of Beautiful Arts (Kunstmuseum) and the Beyeler Foundation, dedicated to the contemporary art, are two of the essential ones. The architectonic level is equally surprising.

Buildings of Herzog & Of Meuron, Renzo Piano, Richard Meier, Frank Gehry, Alvaro Siza Practically is no architect star that has not left its track in the small Swiss city. Besides excellent examples of modern architecture, Basel counts on the Roman city better conserved of the north of Europe, Augusta Raurica. Located closely together of the city, to borders of the Rhine, the place is formed by a twenty of spaces public, including the greater Roman theater to the north of the Alps. Also an archaeological museum exists that conserves the most important pieces and shows the history of the old Roman large city. Source of the news: Basel, a destiny for lovers of the art and the culture

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