Artistic Mission

The proper rhythm of the poetry sends to the literary tradition as national symbol. When undressing the indian of its suits to place it of fraque, perceives it roupagem given to soneto, imitating, ironically, the European tradition. Differently of Oswald de Andrade, with its indian romantic, but basically resistant to the culture and European expansionista politics, the native of Murilo Mendes is assimilated dialticamente by the culture Occidental person. It is digested, in antropofgico way, in the cultural questions imposed by the colonizador. He represents an assimilation of the culture of the white, at the same time that he supports the Brazilian cultural formation.

1.Relao enters the settling of Murilo Mendes, in the text of Valmir de Souza and the workmanship of Debret a comparison with the indian for the eyes of Murilo Mendes and the native registered in paintings of Jean-Baptiste Debret Becomes now. When searching to make possible its permanence in Brazil, the government of D. issues. Joo VI created a cultural series of incentives and institutions. One of these enterprises was celebrates it French, composed Artistic Mission for a group of painters who had arrived here in 1816. Debret if became the most known of them, and its paintings are used until today in didactic books, and frequently are cited by the historians as a register of daily life in Rio De Janeiro, the first decades of century XIX. Debret, in 15 years of residence in Brazil, formed the first generation of Brazilian painters with trainings academic, it initiated the sort of the histrica painting in Brazil and instituted the routine and the practical one of education in ateli. He was also the idealizer of the two first carried through exposies of art in Rio De Janeiro, respectiva-mind in 1829 and 1830. The painter found in Brazil very different a social situation of that he knew in France: slavery, a real family practically exiled, a precarious urban life and little complex.

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