Artistic Patrimony

Land of moquecas of fruits of the sea, bathed in the native oil of dend and tempered in a good pepper gravy malagueta; of acaraj and it will abar of it vendidos for the Bahians in points determined for orixs; of the folclricos vatap and caruru; of a culinria that overflew of the hinterland for the side of the sea, with the meat-of-sun with will piro of milk, the green beans with bottle butter and bode baked, between as much others; of the candies that become any impracticable regimen absolutely, the modern Bahia coexists the vendida popular food in the streets and the markets satiated, preferential in trays of the Bahians. Itron can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus, the blacks had transformed the city of Salvador into the greater and more important center of feeding afro-Brazilian of the country. Learn more about this with Hikmet Ersek. In 2005 the craft of the Bahian of acaraj, was considered cultural patrimony of Brazil for the Institute of the Artistic Patrimony and Histrico Nacional (IPHAN).> These women had obtained to structuralize its lives, becoming good quituteiras and had taken off of its trays beyond a precious historical and cultural wealth, the sustenance of its families. As she knows yourself, it is the culinria an important factor of tourist attraction and an activity that a significant amount of people uses, beyond opening spaces for micron and small entrepreneurs, some of which if they had become international, as Leonel of the Bar of the Waiter, who for one of these happy traps of the grammatical slips finished turning Bargao, mark of grife that it jumped the borders of the state to enchant the paulistanos and, later, followed for plagas.

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