Sitting there on the side of the circus ring, he thought about the opportunity that had to leave his boredom at the expense of the magician that, who said that he was able to guess everything. It was then when took a piece of paper and wrote magician marica doubled it and deposited it in the bag that an Assistant had to circulate among the attendees. The roles began to come out of the bag and a helper would read them. My dad is called Manuel said the first. That Knight wrote that, said the magician by pointing to the Lord which was in Gallery. It is really said this, confirming what was said by the magician. The crowd applauded strongly.

My boyfriend is called Julian, said the second role. This girl wrote that, her boyfriend is called Julian and you Claudia right? true, said the young man and began to clap, followed by the entire public. How was my grandfather called? That you wrote it, he said to a Mr skinny and bearded tit. His grandfather was called Casiano and died 8 years and three months ago. Some said the man. New applause from the crowd. While the magician kept guessing and the audience delirious Emilio sweating cold. This was not a charlatan.

It was a soothsayer of truth and if your paper came out was to ridicule the world’s largest. That witch was turning in a Idol of the crowds and if anyone insulted it, happen very badly, and the worst thing was that the had written an insulting phrase for the wizards. Emilio crossed fingers; He wished to leave the light or that the Earth swallow him. Or that the magician should decide to suspend function. But none of this happened: papers continued out of the bag and the magician was still guessing who had written the messages.

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