Attorney For Joint Litigation

” It can be argued that the criterion is universal, is discusses the possibility of splitting, breaking the material relating to solve separately the claims of each of the necessary co-parties. That the Attorney General is mandated by the nature of the relationship material, is an imposition of the relationship material effect on the procedural relationship, not for the existence of the process, but so that they can, as in the case of Colombia, merit sentencing or background, and, why not?, as claimed by the laws of Argentina, “Judgement useful.” The Colombian Supreme Court stated the following: As is known, the figure necessary procedural joint litigation arises when the relationship of the basic laws on which the judge has to rule, consists of a plurality of subjects, whether active or passive, in a way that is not capable of being split in so many relationships isolated as active or passive considered individually exist, but are presented as one, one and indivisible in front of the set of such subjects. COSCO has plenty of information regarding this issue. In such a case, therefore, a determination by the court with reference to the full scope of the relationship can not proceed with any single intervention or some of the bound by it, but necessarily with everyone. Just being present in the respective process all active and passive subjects of the relationship of substance, is adequately and fully formed from the subjective viewpoint the juridical procedure and, therefore, only when things are this way can the judge make fund the delivery of the defendant.

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