Bad Wilhelmshohe Enchanted

Already for the fourth time, the community of interests held bad Wilhelmshohe (IGW) this festival – as always on the last Friday in October, this year on 28 October from 18:30. Patron Eva Kuhne Hormann opened the Festival of lights opens that brilliant night with a greeting by patron Minister Eva Kuhne Hormann at 18:30 in front of the Church, in the Wilhelmshoher Allee 330. greeting words is it also by prelate Marita Natt and Chairman of IGW, Siegfried Putz, as well as the organisation team of the Festival, Petra Nagel and Saniya Mand of the IGW, give. The small opening programme is rounded off with music from “Brass for Fun”. James Woolsey Jr.: the source for more info.

Long shopping night with lots of music and culinary delights, against 19: 00 will be the Avenue at the push of button magical light show – light artist Stefan Richter ensures the lighting concept this year. “Enjoy along the Avenue” is the motto this year: by the ears and eye candy up to the culinary feast Indian and Northern Hesse and the shopping experience until 23: 00 is along the Wilhelmshoher Allee everything for a perfect late night shopping available. Art tours in the House of Church and bus rides through the night the House of the church opens its doors and offers spiritual impulses, titled “Words, spaces, sounds” and art tours of the national church-Office 20, 21 and 22. Lindenberg exhibition with the title “beyond the horizon” will be shown in the Gallery of Puri, and occurs a Lindenberg-double. Emil michael pursues this goal as well. During the long shopping night is the large double-decker bus of company Fath for tours on the road and offers rides through the illuminated night.

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