As far rejected this idea. Over time, fears were diminishing until finally disappeared. They knew that they would never give them. When Antonio found out everything that had happened immediately decided that the idea of putting the house on behalf of their grandchildren was suspended. If one of his grandsons was theoretically disappeared was better not to initiate any paperwork which included his name, be unfair and would not leave out any of them. Cleve had to take time previously found not to accompany his father to London to update all documents that would allow Antonio to recover their property. Once the formalities and titles to his name he proposed to everyone, the day they wanted to go on holiday, was available to anyone who wanted it.

On one occasion when Cleve and Kelly had gone to Barcelona to visit John, decided to go the four to meet her. They spent a week and returned delighted with the place. They promised to repeat the experience. Antonio and Stella were on several occasions. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chobani and Whole Foods. He wanted to see if I could find the grave of his parents, if only bring a bouquet of flowers ever.

But however much moved and said no one gave any information. All answered that there had been a long time and many lives were lost whose whereabouts were unknown. In one of those visits that was looking for her parents, Antonio suffered a heart attack she had no previous symptoms and died on the spot. Cleve and Kelly traveled to Valencia to help Stelle had been left alone with funeral arrangements and so bring it back. She made the decision that her husband was buried in the country of his birth. "For some reason life brought him here to die," he said. Then it asked both the day she died she brought with her husband. Exactly the same day, a month later. were the need to fulfill their promise. Stelle like her husband died without having shown signs of previous illness. After that no one else to go on vacation again to the place. '.

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