Beautiful Palaces

Mausoleum of the spouses Colosio Las Rioja located in the municipal pantheon, where the rest keep from that candidate to the presidency of the Republic and his wife go. Municipal palace beautiful construction that rocks the center of policeman government. With beautiful vitrales and engravings that reflect the history of the municipality and the State. Due to all historical passages Magdalena de Kino it has much to offer to him: culture, history, Mexican and international food, rest areas, places to encamp and celebrations traditional where people are prepared to receive the national and international tourist to count the own and strange history that full of emotion to. Economy With a semi-hot climate, one of most pleasant of the state of Sonant, a variety of services and many tourist places of history and tradition, guarantees an pleasant and educative stay. Agriculture in the municipality it continues being a fort to pound of the economy and an important source of use. In the last agricultural cycle seeded a surface of 1.341 hectares, of which 1.142 are of irrigation and 199 they are of weather.

Fruit vegetables, plants, forages, wheat, grain maize, kidney bean and sorghum are harvested. The hydraulic infrastructure that is used for irrigation is the prey of plaster; 9 wells exist in addition; I dam and a filter gallery in the mission. Cattle ranch it counts on a surface of summer pasture of 139.311 hectares. It includes/understands a production animal of 19.115 heads of bovine cattle. Industry it is an important factor in the development of the municipality since it generates 2.085 uses, emphasizing these in the companies assembly plants; in addition, the industry of foods, drinks, construction and the mueblero branch. History In the past the territory was inhabited by Indians high Ppagos and Pimas. In 1687 with the arrival of the father Eusebio Francisco Kino to Sonant the first missions began to be based fruit of an untiring work. The municipal head was founded at the beginning of century XVII by the lieutenant Juan Escalante Baptist.

1ro was granted him the title of city by decree. of December of 1923. Santa Maria Magdalena de Buquivaba was the name that took until in 1966 it changed his denomination by the one of Magdalena de Kino.

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