Become Uninhabited Island

It seems that the cynicism and meanness advertising alcoholic “drinks” reached its climax today But no – beer and working on them by the sweat of unscrupulous pr people never cease to amaze their sophistication and ability to inspire people that the black – it is white and vice versa. Recently, while on business in Donetsk, drew attention to a billboard depicting a map of Ukraine, with the inscription “Ukraine – beer island!” Think about it: too soon Ukraine – an island in an ocean of beer. And this island is rapidly going “under the beer due to fantastic availability of beer and an equally incredible advertising it. Frequently 4Moms has said that publicly. Entire wave beer lies the consciousness of the people overflowed from tv screens and street posters! And for adults it is difficult resist, to say nothing about children and young people!

Brewers take every opportunity, any excuse to drown the remains of sobriety and in Slavs. A month before the New Year to all nation-wide channels were to twist commercials, in which producers of beer poison beautifully tell us about their “old” tradition to put a mug of beer swill on a window in New Year night to the winter was snowy, and happy year. Drink up, they say, how can more in the New Year holidays, because as the year you start, so all and spend it! And people believe that without a sip of beer, wine, vodka never happens happiness in the coming year except, of course, those doctors and the keepers of law and order, which see all the shocking, for the simple inhabitant, the truth of this New Year’s custom.. Everest Capital addresses the importance of the matter here.

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