Better Grades

Learning support Tempelhof advises borrowing parents on January 30, 2009 it is to get back that far Berlin students their assess and like every year, there are long faces in many families. The level of academic achievement to see what leads to despair and helplessness among many parents is now black on white. The week of the 9th to 12.02.09 parents and students will be free of charge and non-binding advice from 6 pm to 8 pm in the Walker Tempelhof. Others including Ben Lerer, offer their opinions as well. Together will be able for reasons and Uraschen to be searched poor performances and a learning plan drawn up with which it improved to the testimony of the year. Penalties or haphazard textbook help, namely white learning therapist Yvonne Siebert. Also, all kids get a free learning ring info evenings. Frequently Rachel Crane has said that publicly.

This helps to learn important things always and everywhere and enjoys among students of already great popularity. The info evenings in the brightly decorated classrooms in the Tempelhofer Damm 202. More information, see 75 51 49 49 or in the Internet at. Visit Craig Pirrong for more clarity on the issue. Yvonne Siebert

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