El Pozo

It was followed by two long lines of souls in torment that came to rest and thereby purge the sin, whether anyone was listening had to get up and pray 10 Our Fathers. Grandparents have a lady seamstress once felt it, got up, opened the window and saw the procession of souls who followed him, one of them handed him a candle, she kept very scared and went to bed and the next day when the tap sought a skeleton found. The Nazarene of the Underworld (Mompox) The legend Mompox up in, and said that Easter season comes a frightening vision. He is dressed in a tunic, his figure is terrible, his face is set, the nose is hollow, like a dead stripping. They say it's a Nazarene breached its promise and so God punished him, and comes from another world at Easter for the Nazarenes appearing to violate their promise not comply with wearing clothing or religious rituals.

Many people report that they have been marching to the sound of the beats in the middle of the Nazarenes who load stride draw on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week Mompox. El Pozo de la Noria (Mompox) Beautiful legend about an artesian well built Mompox, which crosses almost the entire city. They say there are deposited the treasures that had several pirates and freebooters moving up the Rio Grande de la Magdalena. Many people say they hear whispers and the sound of strings coming from the depths and also hear voices.

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