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Choosing a good theme is essential to a successful blog. This should be good for you and economical in terms of advertising. 2. Get interested in your blog: You have an interest or knowledge of the subject.

Do not write about something I do not know. 3. It is worth bearing in mind that if you’re getting a high number of clicks on ads, it is remarkable how quickly you can develop an interest in your niche profitable. 4. Finance: The theme should be related to a product that has a financial value.

If your blog is about funny videos do not expect a high percentage of clicks. If you can get traffic for a blog on finance, insurance, mortgages, you can expect higher returns. 5. Motivation and interest can make a profitable topic: Any topic can make money provided you have enough traffic. Therefore, if you have the knowledge and interest in a subject, this may be one of the most profitable for you. 6. Write about products: Blogging about products is another way to generate high incomes. If you blog about philosophy, life in general, advertisers will not advertise products. If your blog is on some goods such as computers, cameras, etc.. A wide range of advertising programs you can use. 7. Get your own domain:

Do not use free domains like. Blogspot.com and. WordPress.com. This is wrong, people and advertisers will take you less seriously. Will be harder to get links. You’ll regret at some point, maybe not today, but you will. 8. Making bold decisions: If you currently have an address. Blogspot.com, change it now. 9. Choose a catchy domain: If possible, also with keywords. The ideal control should have two or three syllables, which are memorable and will remain in the minds of people. Put related keywords will help you. However, it is essential as many people claim. Choose carefully, there comes a time in which to change your domain is painful work.

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