Brigit – Counseling And Tarot Reader

Esoteric life coaching in Berlin Kreuzberg \”Stand by what you think is right.\” Brigit is the Prophetess and the patron of the Druids. \”The name of the Celtic goddess is right for me,\” says Brigit, psychic and Tarot reader from Berlin Kreuzberg. For a little over a year, Brigit advises its clients in a small Studio near Victoria Park, in the Centre of Berlin. Here you advice and seeking help is valuable evidence, shows them what the future holds ready for it and brings so a little light in the darkness of uncertainty. This is Brigit takes much time: for an intense, personal and extensive consultation.

\”A personal encounter is infinitely important to me, because only here a real advice is possible: the aura of the person seeking advice and assistance, is crucial for the image to produce the cards.\” Time pressure is a foreign Word for Brigit every customer must so long remain until all questions are treated in detail and every time a consultation, in which it also quite very emotionally can go to (and should!) end, is the customer with a good feeling, facilitates and partly purified home. And most come back… \”Many of my clients come to me after they have been made aware by other customers on me, and they always tell me.\” Brigit was your passion for the Tarot and the fortune-telling at a young age in itself discovered and passionately follow your vocation. In the secondary, and for two years, after successfully passing his Abitur examination in the main profession. \”I discovered my passion for the Tarot reader some years ago, when I for the first time even lay the cards I had. I couldn’t believe how a middle-aged woman, who I had never seen before, said things about my life just me, who otherwise hardly anyone knew. In these moments I caught fire for the mystical and I was sure that I would like to go this way.

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