British Style

If this does not much time for extensive Rundmarsche from palace to palace, from place to place, it should be. take a look at the major sights to catch – a round trip with one of the sightseeing double-decker buses of London. Cultural treasures, paintings, gourmet shops – everything what your heart desires If the traveler on a little more leisure and time, so extensive visits to the Victoria and Albert museum with its treasures of art collection, the Science Museum with galleries on scientific and technical issues or the Natural History Museum of natural history objects such as dinosaur skeletons to be inquisitive heart rejoice. Art lovers will also include a visit to the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery and the Tate Modern prepare with their extensive collections of paintings in an unforgettable experience. A little more time should be planned the way for a visit to the medieval Tower of London. Here the queues are often immensely long.

But it is worth all the cases related to the legs in the stomach, it will include even rewarded with a view of England’s crown jewels. What London has to offer? Large markets for gourmet delicatessens, wine specialists, trendy bars and traditional pubs, restaurants with a variety of cuisine from all over the world, expensive boutiques, but also second-hand shops and Antique shops. Not to mention the beautiful old English house facades at each corner and end. British Style on foot most noticeable as ideal means of transport in London is always back out the subway. Labeled an exemplary guide, colorful guidelines make it on the asphalt of the underground passages and clearly visible from the streets of metro signs the U-Bahn ride-a pleasant experience. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rachel Crane. If one does not get straight into the Rush-Hour … The British flair of the city, the beautiful entwined sometimes with roses British house-fronts, the playful entrances – all that one takes, however, true only so true if we take the time, large parts of the path from one sight to another, walking through London to lay back.

Best hotels & travel As the rain London average of 10-14 days a month haunts, the risk very great to spend a stay in London to have ever been out of the hands without the umbrella. In the month of July, however, notes that it seems to rain at least. The Months from May to September are said to be at all ideal for a stay in the Thames metropolis. Nights in London’s hotels are part of the way, very expensive, but offer private homeowners’ Bed & Breakfast “on to some pretty low prices. A comparison – best on the internet – is worthwhile! Multicultural, but British … London is home to more than seven million inhabitants, of which approximately one quarter are not EU citizens. A multi-cultural and not purely a British wind blows so by the city on the Thames. The cabs are the way, not all of them black, are found in them little more english stammering taxi drivers, the old red double decker buses have been replaced two years ago by newer models, but London is still London – with all his British charm.

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