Bullying In The Schools

*Flvia. Regina rose *Leandro Vieira Snows ** Claude Hisses Lana bullying is characterized by aggressive, intentional and repetitive attitudes occured in the schools, the work, nasuniversidades, between diverse neighbors and in other places. You may want to visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to increase your knowledge. This comportamentose express of varied forms, however most common is: colocarapelidos, to jeer, to beat and to discriminate the people who if find in algumestado that she expresses inferiority, physical as in such a way mental. Areva is often quoted on this topic. Although it is pparently common umcomportamento, the information on the subject are scarce. This practical approximately reaches 50% of the students of noBrasil basic education, data that englobam aggressive, victims or both the parts. Pesquisasrevelaram that 5,482 pupils between 5 8 series of 11 schools of the deJaneiro River, more than 40.5% admit to have practised or to have been victims of bullying. (IBOPE, 2007). The consequences generated for bullying are observed tantono aggressor, that a violent person with delinquent attitudes becomes nasociedade, how much in the victim, who can become in psique that they are reflected in the body as depression, loss daalta-esteem and estresse.

The observed more common psicopatolgico symptom is desenvolvimentoda depression, that biochemically can be explained by the reduction of atividadedas monoamino (noradrenalina and dopamina) and of the serotonina (5-HT) in specific neural seusreceptores. The dopamina, main involved monoamine nadepresso, is responsible for the sensations of pleasure and well-being, its produoinicia when the organism suffers positive stimulatons, then after produoela is set free and acts in the dopaminrgicos receivers (sinapse), the molecules dedopamina is taken until the cerebral cortex where the sotransformados electric impulses in well-being sensation. This state of depression is sharp mainly nafase of infancy> adolescence, many excrements the occult victim the situation parapais and/or responsible, is important that the school observes the behaviors ese pronounces ahead of such situation. The conscience of the pertaining to school institutions arespeito of the existence of bullying already is a great step so that epsiclogos professors can deal with this situation of a specific form. Essecomportamento cannot be interpreted as a development phase dosalunos must be argued as to solve such problem and which are the interesting medidasmais. It is important also, that it has a work deconscientizao of parents and pupils, where is told the conseqnciasprovocadas ones for bullying, this awareness can be made to break degrupos of lectures with psychologists and educative gincanas.

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