Business Building Design

Here we touch the most common ways in which to date are obtained contracts for design and construction of nonresidential buildings, ie buildings for business. This – warehouses, service centers, shops, commercial and administrative centers, parking facilities, pre-fabricated and temporary buildings of metal, and much more. There are three main ways in which the move most of the building organizations. In addition to those construction companies that are part of a large association (Holdings), loaded with work on "domestic" orders. 1. Large construction company, well known since Soviet times (and their assigns) in some cases, can afford its kind "to rest on their laurels – they are the old memory is provided by municipal, state and other okologosudarstvennymi orders, as well as large orders SOEs. This is the largest smu, Mostotryady etc.

2. Construction companies involved have "historically", or through personal contacts with their leaders are usually very small group of large customers from year to year providing a relatively stable loading of building capacity. 3. Construction companies working on the open market, receiving orders, based on analysis of market situation, formulating a competitive proposals and to bring this proposal to the maximum number of potential customers. All these ways have as their "strong" positive aspects and weaknesses. Moreover, for both the construction company and for its customers. I will try to systematize these pros and cons as follows:

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