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Let us now analyze the situation. Clearly, one can see here a lot. And the problem with the motivation of staff and organizational problems, and more. But since the topic of the article "Do I sell myself in the company?", Then I'll look at the situation from this point view. Tatiana – a typical "workhorse." The man who impressed with their work. She prefers to do everything in its power.

Takes a lot of problems. Ready to sacrifice their personal time and energy. For her, it is important approval and evaluation in the eyes of management and others. If such approval can not see that offense. Can not maintain a friendly relationship management. Most often a conflict with them, showing them that meter inaccuracy decisions, or goes into the detached position.

For this type, it is very difficult to voice their concerns and grievances to management. Prefers "swallow-taste" than that – something to say. Great believer in the fact that: "People are not fools, they do everything they see," or "Sooner or later everything will fall into place, life will judge." And can not possibly believe that people do not see what they seem "obvious", but not life puts "everything in its place." Such people often go to work with feeling that not enough of them appreciated and respected. Surprisingly, switching to another job, sooner or later they come back to the same: the feeling that their contribution is not valued highly. Michael – a typical "recipient of prizes." These are people who pay much attention to establish contact with the leaders and other people. Often show up as a very educated and erudite experts. Like to use foreign words in speech or communicate complex, filled with many terms constructions. Always speak with a knowledgeable person an air of importance. Such people are Jack Trout in the book "The Power of simplicity," he said, "If the leaders do not hesitate to ask them voice their ideas in more simple terms, the many foolish decisions would be rejected. " "Recipients of awards" may be in conflict, but only to those who can not hurt their career. With all the rest, they are friendly, smiling. That is why, as well as due to the fact that "Recipients of awards" are able to establish good rapport with management, the most recent conflict in the side with "The recipients of the prizes." This type uses every opportunity delegate routine tasks to other people, in the end – quickly grows departments and assistants. In summary, I would say the following. I'm not on the "workhorses" or on the side of "The recipients of the prizes." My task is to describe what actually happens in many companies. And I'm rather on the side of the third type. This type is very rare, because it requires a double amount of energy. This is the type that took the best of the two described in this article. From the "Working horses ", he took the desire for professional growth, love for a cause that is involved. And from "The recipients of the prizes' ability to build relationships with management and other departments and to promote their ideas and interests. Author Article: Valeria debts – Business Coach Training Center business coaches "TrenerPROFI", an expert in the field of active sales

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