Cannes Film Festival

"In the film the 80s it was all so dull and dated, – said director Lisa Cholodenko – the only exception is movies for gays and lesbians." I realized who I was at the time of such masterpieces of cinema, as "Personal Best," "making love" and "Liana", but I never would have thought that my life will go on this road. " In 2010, a 46-year-old director-known films about gay love, "High Art", "Laurel Canyon" and many others released a new "child" under the title "Children of the procedure," which was a real success at the Cannes Film Festival. This movie has done more to expand the frontiers of understanding in relation to nontraditional couples, perhaps even more than was released in 2005 cult drama Ang Lee, "Brokeback Mountain." The tandem of Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Bridge has created an unusually realistic and comical description of family life lesbian couple, played by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. The role of the Moor – a freedom-loving, but still unsure of yourself Julie, while her partner Nick (Bening), acting, seemingly well-intentioned, is dominated and suppressed by a little. Julie and Nick are the same problems as that of the heterosexual couples, in addition to this there is another – their children Johnny (Mia Vashikovskaya, who played Alice in Tim Burton) and Lesure (Dzhorsh Hutcherson, starring in "The Bridge to" Terabatiyu ") decided to locate his biological father (Mark Ruffalo). "Stuart (Bloomberg, co-author) and I really love movies Hela Ashby and Billy Wilder. This is the case when you see people on the screen and you believe them.

" Kholodenko recognizes that draws its inspiration from the works of such movies as "Harold and Maude," "House." "They can tell a lot about the human experience, that sometimes we become absurd and unpredictable. They show us that it is often impossible to tell exactly what is normal and what is not. Case in point: in one scene Lesure was caught watching a mom's porn. Is he gay or is it just my mom's faux pas? "Kholodenko began to conceive of" Kids "when she and her partner Melvoyn (TV composer and former guitarist Prince) began searching for an anonymous donor sperm to have future children. After a long tracing a family friend suggested that Mr.

Bloomberg to run them. "I intend to examine and give the child everything that is, heterosexual couples, "- says Kholodenko. "Children are required. They give me confidence in their actions. This is reflected in the fact that I was having the opportunity to make their films more outrageous and unruly, not aspire to it, because I want to in 10 years when my kids watch this film, they will be proud of their parents and not feel embarrassed and ashamed. "

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