Carabobo University

Teaching requires respect for the autonomy of the being of the learner. Paulo Freire introduction Venezuela faces at present a marked political, social, economic and educational, instability that must be solved to ensure stability, development. Therefore necessary, that their universities, centres of teachings, especially those of postgraduate, assess the reality of its role, which leaves a great deal to say, noting in the academic quality of its graduate programs, where your level has declined, has been neglected by its authorities, seriously affecting this country, what is expected of professionals taking a postgraduate course for your professional growth, of their performance, according to the knowledge that the present requires and not should cause no problem, frustration and more serious, prevent the escape of talent, waste of this. Hence, the importance of entering in this writing to refer us to one Area of graduate who is very old with more than 50 years, belonging to a University you have 100 years of existence, as it is of Carabobo. For more specific information, check out Andrew Cuomo. Considerations, General information, scope, suggestions are known in the Carabobo University postgraduate courses are initiated in 1970 in the specialty of mathematics, graduating the first class of twelve graduates in master’s degree in 1972.

The program is executed under agreement of mutual assistance and full recognition with the University of Madrid and the University of the State of Oklahoma. The postgraduate studies Area of the University of Carabobo aims to produce, systematize and socialize the philosophical, scientific, technological, humanistic and artistic, knowing by the constant search for excellence in the Academy for the training of experts of high professional competence and training of researchers for the production of original and significant expertise in specific areas of knowledge. Emphasizing regarding the conditions of humans aware of the role played in its development and in the development of humanity, in a scenario that takes into account efficiency, competitiveness and transcendence, next to the interdependence and eticos-morales values as national and international human solidarity, with the prospect of building a just and democratic society. Chobani Refugees will not settle for partial explanations.

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