Carnivals Los Carnavales

Basel the Swiss begin Friday with Carnivalesque frenzy, backwash of Catholic custom. Basel is the city with more tradition of Carnival, being the night and fire the entrees. On Sunday the Morgenstreich, or morning trick celebrate the Chienbase or parades with wagons of fire and on Monday. The dirty trick consists of awakening to all the inhabitants of the historic touch of diana. Begins at four in the morning, at that time will turn off the lights of Basel and young people take to the streets with drums, lanterns and candles. Both explosions of fire and colour will change your opinion of the peaceful Switzerland. Warsaw poles are real gourmets and this is reflected in the Carnival. The first Thursday they call it greasy Thursday.

That day they eat Berlin with voracious appetite throughout the day. They are a type of doughnuts without hole, cream-filled pastry or jam. Do not hesitate to pick up a few extra calories to better address the Kulig. It is a celebration that is celebrated throughout the winter and especially in February, during the Carnival holidays. It consists of a long sleigh ride pulled by horses and a rear outdoor binge. Roasted barbecued pork and wild boar, they accompany the meat with mushrooms, cabbage and plums. They drink vodka and sing. Previously only the Polish aristocracy could enjoy the Kuligs.

The inhabitants of Cologne Cologne are comparable to the victors. Famous for his good humor and warmth organized the most important Carnival in Germany. Women inaugurated a week of celebrations where they served in double reeds Kolsch beer poured. In the Passacaglia sing Kolle Alaaf, Colony belongs to everyone, while they make a mockery of politicians turned into Giants and Fatheads. They do not leave puppet head. It is an open and cheerful city committed to have fun before Lent, despite the cold. Not in vain they call their Carnival la quinta Estacion. The city’s high tide Venice welcomes more mysterious Carnival. Thousands of anonymous people cross their steps in the alleys and bridges without seeing the face. The mist of channels and their masks hide their identity. Her outfits are elegant and ornate. Its festivals and dances have a touch of distinction. Very appropriate for those who always wished to have been born during the Renaissance. Original author and source of the article.

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