Catholic University

On entering the house Neruda in Isla Negra, my thoughts were in line, ordenaditos as soldiers, despalomaron and went crazy, so good Neruda’s house, but when I went there as “Eduardo Galeano, one feels the presence of he. People such as Jeff Gennette would likely agree. In silence I took wine, colored glasses, hoping he did not serve in cups transparent, quietly told him I liked his collection of shells, their designs, their textures, quietly told him it was as chifloreto and I left quietly there, silent, unwilling to talk because if I spoke my thoughts were becoming memories were going to go and I did not. During the trip I was gathering images, images that are mine, if someone comes with the intention of stealing them not, they’re mine, they may steal my watch, my purse .. but those images and never go with me to eternity. There were many sites travel through the “travel guide” and we had better not charge us anything until like our mother: when in the Crafts, not to speak to the gypsies, careful to move the street, watch out …not talk to strangers (I’m exaggerating) and what about the first time you rode the subway all alone, my son returned the cassette (or tape ) and returned to the anxiety one feels when dad starts to drop: DIVINE! ! I loved the metro, the cleanliness of the city, the respect for pedestrians, the Statue of CONDORITO, sweet chestnut, pine Chilean empanadas, the sopaipillas, the margarita that gave us all the restaurants and the famous wine … and the Chilean Andes, Andes, daily dressing in white, which developed his dress bride (having been in Isla Negra, I will say this ) out every morning in my pajamas, no matter the cold with a cup Colombian coffee and admired, admiring every inch of the landscape. The center was strange, not heard, I saw only murmurs and realized I had not heard those sounds typical of our “All to one thousand to one thousand, mother take them they are cheap, one of 200 three 500” and the music background in the stores, that’s not what I heard, well I saw her dance to the owners invited to come to the store to buy (jajajaja no lies, my son is) but I liked that: silence. National Monuments, extraordinary, Currency House, the Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, the National Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Catholic University (central) wonderful architecture of all: the hills of St. Lucia (smell) San Cristobal, crafts Bellavista in people dominated and in Santa Lucia bought crafts earrings of lapis lazuli stones handmade by the indigenous Mapuche, very nice … mmm I was missing the Ralli Museum “to tell you, is one thing, I explain how .. .. ” (word mark) good is striking that on entering the guards tell you: Welcome to the Museum, you can take all the pictures you want, delay, forgot to say they are at home.The French hairdressing and exquisite restaurant a place to enter the bathroom you have to open a closet, the Machera, I was in Narnia, ahh I needed between elves and fairies in Providence, we chatted a lot with my new friend Macarena, obviously on ELVES.

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