Charles University

(Theoretically, it is at this sentence could have ended the interview, because most part of it right about aplikantov with little motivation). – I am a true (perhaps because it was not desirable to mind) I have an example. In 2007, I taught Czech language at Charles University in Prague. A month later, I spoke with understood speech and even writing (albeit with bugs) are small works in Czech. Therefore, I have enough months to accomplish this in Canada! – IT: (Here she just attacked me!) With these your abilities you can learn the language and Ukraine, anywhere without going outside! There are audio and video courses and teaching professionals. (And it is true, actually. Get more background information with materials from Pegasus Books.

For a moment I realized that even I can not argue anything. She is absolutely right.) – I (I say that first came into my head) I no time for English in the Ukraine. Especially, in the Ukraine in the study will take considerably more time to whom I do not have. – IT: (This is where it starts to destroy me) In Ukraine, you have no time to learn the language, and fly to Canada for a month while there? (And very surprised at me). – I: (I begin to understand that all was lost … Even in my throat was dry.) In Ukraine, I need to learn the language of the month 3-4, but it's not training. In the Czech Republic, I quickly learned the language as there language environment. Emil michael understood the implications.

Everywhere, after the lessons are the same lessons as everywhere there is a process of communication and retention of knowledge. In Ukraine this knowledge quickly forgotten. At the same time learning English in Canada, I'll rest a bit from the summer resort business. (I looked at the it and see what turns out to be a bit convinced. I begin to cheer up.

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