Che Guevara

So he asked his wife to sew him a shirt in his pockets which would be convenient to put the cigar. Later, these shirts are worn at all local residents. While shirt was "yayaberos" after the river Yayabo. Only after years of "yayaberos" transformed into "guyabera. The famous Cuban rum. The most famous is the legendary Havana club. There are three kinds of Havana club: Carta Oro, Carta Blanca, Anejo. See more detailed opinions by reading what Road tankers offers on the topic.. Accordingly, the "golden", "white" and "old" rum.

Price depends on age (from 3 to 25 years). Popular with locals enjoy Anejo (worth approximately 8.10 U.S. dollars). Bongo – percussion instrument. Often used in African melodies. It is important to remember that his souvenir made for purely decorative purposes, so the high demands on sound quality produce is not worth it. Jewelry.

Jewelry, made with the use of black coral and silver. Bracelets, necklaces, barrettes, combs of tortoise-shell. Low quality have gold jewelry, so from their purchase of better abstain. Cuban coffee. They say that different exquisite flavor. The best varieties are: Cubita, Turquino and Arabica Serano Washed. Coffee is classified as non-state exports, so it can be exported in unlimited kolichestvah.Krasivy album, made from buffalo hides. Then be able to keep it their Cuban photography. Memories plus exotics! Articles with the image of Che Guevara. Yes, old Che forever live not only in the minds of Cubans, but also on many shirts panamkah, badges, etc. Such products often are manufactured in Vietnam (their quality leaves much to be desired), and therefore need them as a souvenir is very controversial. Where to buy? Most of the above gifts you can buy directly in your hotel or close to it, but the price will be high. In tourist areas there are shops selling a currency, and no breaks in the traditional siesta. Goods are not necessities are expensive, there is a shortage in the number of imports from Mexico. Besides, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the icon S or "$" does not always mean a dollar. So may be referred to the Cuban peso. The dollar is usually denoted by two dashes which negate the sign of S. In the country there are convertible and non-convertible pesos. The course is non-convertible peso is about 1:26, so be vigilant and not let yourself be fooled. Contrasts Cuba surprise and delight. She is one of the budget resorts. The world is not confined to Egypt, Turkey and Bulgaria. Travel! Cuba is always open for you something new! Have a nice holiday! And Viva Cuba!

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