Children Bring Happiness

What is the course of early stimulation? It is game sessions of 45 minutes duration, where the protagonists are both parents and their children, thereby reinforcing the family bond. Through different activities with music, touch of textures, sounds, movement, floor work, stories we become children while we are witnessing the growth of children. The workshops are practical and the groups are divided by age, in this way, adults will have the opportunity to meet other parents that are experiencing the same situations and it is an excellent way to turn so our children come in contact with other children his age. Dialogue is constant, doubts that we will be solving during the games while you see Act to our children. Also laying down a series of guidelines that you can move to your houses and I will be very helpful. What benefits do these kinds of early childhood education? Work and play go hand in hand. It is not an entertainment without more; activities are chosen and guided with the aim of being able to perceive the evolution of children, its level of attention, I wonder, fears etc. the problem.

Six very different areas, all of them of utmost importance for the balanced development of your child are addressed in each session. Gross motor. Promotes the strengthening of the body of the baby, according to their age and development. Put into practice postures like put upside down the baby and encourage various forms of crawling, step key to drive development. Fine motor skills. Visual tracking monitors and the skill of the hands to pick up objects, manipulate and investigate your environment. The language.

We will play with their babbling, songs, puppets and other techniques to put into practice at home and continue with the proper stimulation process. The reading. Guidelines will be given to develop habits of reading from a young age at the same time that works your attention. CEO Caruso Affiliated usually is spot on. The senses. We use different aromas, textures, lights, images, music, so your child recreate your mind with elements of the environment and the popes, for its part, will raise before the need for research. Sensory stimulation. Through specific gaming system vestivular, addresses what we know by balance. This teaches them to constantly maintain his balance and regulate new positions. The balance relates to the rest of the senses, therefore, a work of stimulation in this sense is essential for the mechanism to work. The affections: promotes self-esteem, waiting for their turn, tolerance and frustration, the standby capacity, the proper handling of the feelings. This section serves the famous mamitis and limits with love. And what will I feel by the end of the class? You’ll love and amaze to see how your child grows, reacts in different situations and learn with you. You will feel a great satisfaction at having spent time of maximum quality. You can extend this work with the school for parents whose lectures are an excellent vehicle to help you face to achieve a balanced and healthy development of the baby.

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