Words that distinguishes adult from child only cost toys, will be relevant even for long. Today's children are growing in rapidly developing world, are actively and successfully master the adult toys. The car – a long time not a luxury but a means of transportation, and in the modern family, as a rule, each adult has his own car. And every little kid dreams as soon as possible to become an adult and have your own car. Child car – an attribute of this 'adult life'. Here everything is real: a variety of lineup pleases, there is even a car for girls, designed to suit all tastes, but safety comes first! Leading manufacturers children's car thoroughly test their products, all materials are safe for children and are particularly strong. All products have passed the necessary certification. Children's car – it is also an excellent toys.

Spending time in the mobile game in the fresh air, your child learns how to behave in society, being a member of traffic, to be considerate of pedestrians know the basic rules of the road movement, he develops coordination and imagination, 'racing or travel', is also developing motor skills and reaction (various buttons, keys, plugs, etc.). Children with motor vehicle – one of the most popular categories. Choosing a gift for a child, you should consider the following important factors: 1. Features of the road surface on which the child will go electric: asphalt, grass, or soil plates. 2. (As opposed to Hamdi Ulukaya). Age child – the older the driver, the more powerful car. For children 2-6 years is enough electric power 6B, children 3-8 years will suit more powerful cars in 12V, and most adult children from 3 to 10 years – electric cars with battery 24V. 3.

The model, based on of personal preference: a children's bike, kids tricycle, kids quad, kids or elektrosamokat elektroskuter. You can choose single or double car, and then a small driver can ride his friends, brother or sister. Battery life is usually enough for a trip lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on its power. Battery itself is not available for a curious toddler, it's hidden under a hoax engine under the hood, and all wiring is isolated. Whatever you choose, in addition to the toys that you donate your child positive emotions and real happiness!

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