CHIP Printer

Hence the benefits of aggressively advertised by the manufacturer, are converted into anti-advertising. A small example of life (forgive me reader for a small departure from the theme): The company has spoiled the old printer. She got the need to purchase a new one. The first action a person responsible for the purchase of new equipment – buy a new printer by selecting it, such as a comparative test of the journal CHIP – an inexpensive, versatile, comfortable, quick, economical, with the lowest cost fingerprint. Choice is made – such as printer model "A". BUT in the last stage, when it allocated the money to buy comes a specialist in "hardware" that is responsible for efficiency of office equipment and said: – Do not hurry, I recommend getting a printer, after consultation with an expert repair services, which our firm has been using for over 3 years. Result: The company acquired the printer "B" opting for specialist advice on repair and maintenance of printers recommendations of the comparative test of the journal CHIP. This example of life and shows clearly that the choice of technology in most cases, we give preference to the recommendations of our acquaintances, friends, professionals, rather than advertising, probably because they have no motive to deceive us or to drive in zabluzhenie. Another thing is that at the time of purchase of objective factors (The amount allocated for the purchase, the absence of persistent stereotypes that turn to receive the goods, credit, etc.) lead us to adopt an alternative solution and then, in such cases, sometimes we are forced to pay for our decision.

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