Christmas Book Tip

Book tip to Christmas: Christmas Book Tip: “dream! Job! Now!”by Christian Pape the clever Christmas gift: Let’s give a dream job for people who are important to you! Whether you do what new entrants, unemployed, just looking for a job or simply just unhappy with the. 80% of people are not happy in their job, renowned studies, such as those of “Gallup” say – change nothing but. The dilemma starts with the search. We spend more time at work and in the work, as with our life partner, as with our friends, as with our hobbies. Why can’t we then just carefully select, when it comes to our future career? Just as carefully, as we with our partners do it? We take what we can get and we are glad to have finally found something. And then…? We usually late to realize that fits the company not to us. Stupid run, unfortunately the usual practice. How to do it better? This is my latest book! The ideal book to think after demTraumjob between the years of his career and the correct form of the search! Happy dream job hunting! traumjobnow.html the new Chief Advisor of Christian Pape of the Heyne publishing house aroused very much media interest and is well on the way to the bestseller.

As a specialist and staff expert on VOX, Career Advisor for the image and Bild am Sonntag, talker in the MDR and various broadcasters – is not least become Christian Pape through his book the requested experts in human resources and career topics. The topic: “How to find his dream job at last?” fits well in the current Zeitgeist: the economy humming along, but most of the staff in companies remain dissatisfied in your job. Studies talk about 80% of all workers in Germany who are unhappy in their professional activity. Why is this so, and above all: how come out of “Man” or woman there? Christian Pape answers these questions and more in his recent work. Operating since 20 years successful recruitment consultant and career coach has his he Observations written down and are a cornucopia of tips and suggestions.

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