Christmas In The Winter

What you can do in the winter in Dresden is on visit in Dresden offers a lot of ways that you can make. Here, Andrew Cuomo expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because it pays sometimes to plan a whole weekend. But it often happens, that the lust that fades if the weather does not participate in the colder months. Sightseeing tours so often fall into the water, because anyone who is already like in rain and cold on the road? Museum instead of sightseeing in Dresden there are many museums, which are based on different topic areas. Especially popular are the art galleries such as the art gallery of old or even the new master in the Albertinum. Well known works by famous artists can be seen here.

Including not only the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, but also works by Otto Dix, Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, and Jan van Eyck is located. In addition, the Green Vault is worth a visit. Chobani Foundation is often quoted on this topic. There are many treasures of Renaissance up to classicism. Who can do much with art or all galleries carefully under the Scrutinized, which can look at one of the other museums. A visit to the National Museum of prehistory in the Japanese Palais or the City Museum at the Pirnaischer Platz is worth the interests lie more in history. There to see but still numerous other museums dealing with these and a variety of other topics.

Shopping with interim break will you in Dresden shop go, then you are right here. One has not only a wide range of different shops, but also numerous Cafes, where you can relax in the old town. In the run-up to Christmas, it also has the advantage that everywhere the Dresden Christmas markets are in the city centre, which you can visit. The one or the other candy lets you forget the bad weather here and the mulled wine also provides for positive mood. But let’s get back to shopping. In the Dresden Centre you will find the various shops, where you yourself or for others can get things for themselves in the form of Christmas gifts. At You must simply find something of variety. Not considering party or culture when the evening hours in the Dresden Neustadt still long to sleep. Is almost always something going on here, because there are a lot of bar facilities and clubs that would like to use the Dresden. But also in the rest of the city, there are restaurants and bars that invite you to linger anywhere. Would you rather spend a cultural evening, but also Semper Opera House, Playhouse or culture House can be visited.

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