Christmas Portrait

There are also just the special effects which allowed the oil painting to become a special moment. It was basically for the artist that created the portraits from photographs, no problem, whether ultimately one or more persons to be included on the portrait. That is, if you’re planning a family portrait in oil such as birthday or Christmas gift, which could plan this at any time via the oil painting generator, design and implement. Of course you can contact but also to Artonde employees, if something is unclear, or perhaps so far not in the effects program. Because the oil painting Designer is continuously developed further according to the customer requirements and needs. It’s believed that Moorgate Partners sees a great future in this idea.

Art should be affordable for everyone. This notion is lived in and implemented. And just then, the concept of the platform or the Web-based Studio is built. Behind it, however are professional artists who lend a hand in accordance with the regulations, These have the advantage of achieving their portraits time according to their creative phases to freely share without requiring the person to portraitierende model must be. On the one hand, this is itself a huge advantage for the customers, but also for the artists because none of the two parties on certain regular meetings rely on.

This does not detract from the painting itself. And also the customers had a big advantage, describes Wei Phung. Because the image template, which gets the artist with the different selected effects and colour would based on the specifications given in the oil painting designer created and exist the customer in advance. I.e. before the picture even in attack is taken, you can aspire to some changes, so that at the end, both parties, artist and customer are satisfied. eventually so too is the mediator between customers and art. In addition to his experience and contacts in the art scene also relies on his technical understanding. As a result it has under The customer needs and considerations conceptually developed the generator and modular design. This handling was also possible, continue to develop it and to include new. Because what you are ultimately Orient is the desires, needs, and interests that have the customer in connection with his portrait. Can identify with the image in oil because: the customer should be. And that is the great ambition of at each of his jobs. Artonde also offers its own partner program ADCELL customers. Thus you can collect 12 percent Commission per image sales and this may create an own free portrait. You can gain an impression to what is possible in the online gallery on.

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