Cinderella in Modern Tech Times

Reading the famous fairy tale by Charles Pierrot, it seems few of us know how much easier it would be Cinderella today to cope with all of its tasks. So many tools and equipment So I would like to touch on a specific task Cinderella on the manufacture of ball gowns for three persons, and even in the shortest possible time. Make allowances for the reality of history, imagine how life would have changed the poor girl, if she did not sew his hands, and using universal sewing machine and serger. Today, magazines are full of needlework and advertising messages, representing shveyshye machines and overlock machines of different manufacturers, with a huge feature set and virtually unlimited possibilities. Brother, Janome, Singer, Toyota, Bernina, Pfaff, Privileg Vobschem sewing machines to suit every taste and color, and even country! And what can we say about their functional! Who would have guessed that one small unit capable of performing not just one function stitching, and 20, 30 and even 60 transactions! Electric, electro-mechanical, electronic, garment and embroidery, overlock, – equipment that allows to translate into reality the masterpieces of your imagination with minimal effort and time. Yeah, sure Cinderella could not have dreamed of such things at night pricking fingers ordinary hand needle. And the thing of the past frame and dozens of stitches.

And do not even worry today about the potentially produced by the sewing machine noise: loud "Seagull", ", basically, are silent historic artifacts. And they were replaced by murmuring and whispering, and, most importantly, small, compact counterparts. And, certainly, in 12-13 cc products, which were born in the imagination of tailors and realized in life, did not live as long as their descendants may live today. Because then use elementary obmetochny hand stitch to prevent the shedding of slices tissues. And now at the disposal of handy people are not just a sewing machine with zigzag stitch, and three-, four-and even pyatinitochnye Overlockers! But let's not be indexed by tale indicator of our time, otherwise it loses all its magic, but simply will enjoy the opportunities that we provide scientific and technical progress!

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