Citylight Advertising

The sites are very popular, all over the planet just billboards – the most useful outdoor advertising (Outdoor). Superiority billboards are guaranteed their large size, which allows the embodiment of the boldest and most creative designers zadumok. Billboard clearly seen from the considerable distance, so that it becomes possible high frequency contacts with customers (feature CTR). Because of their impressive, in the cities are proliferating megabordy – billboards dimensions 3×15 and 5×15 m, as well as firewall, an extensive plane in the form of bright cloth. On small streets and compact square, opposite the place billboards reduced forms – the city-formats, pylons, pillars and panel mounting brackets. Relatively new boards are prizmatrony and scrollers, images which are replaced each other. Maximum well attracts the eyes just such advertising structure.

Light boxes, as outdoor advertising, are an excellent means of promoting goods and services at night. Their common name – Lightbox and citylights. It is a light box small 1.2 x 1, 8 m, so that they can stand almost anywhere. Thanks to the beautiful illuminated they act not only going to foot, but also for being behind the wheel. Light carriers widely upotrebimy and therefore have a lot of variations – neon signs, beklayty, running lines, light boxes and others. Prices for this type of outdoor advertising in our time have fallen. The average advertiser is very easy to get confused in a variety of promotional structures to effectively carry out a promotional campaign. After all, for the same object plane is excellent – a billboard near the highway, and for another – Citylight in geographic heart of the city.

In our time, to take into account all the details and the right to send promotional campaign under the force of professional mediabangovomu agency. The scheme of work of such organizations – rent billboards and other planes in their hosts, with further distribution to customers. For them, the cost of outdoor advertising in this variant is lower than when signing contracts with the owners of the planes. The reason for this is that the agency buys outdoor advertising sites in bulk and get big discounts. Due to this, the operators of outdoor advertising can offer a lower price to its customers. In addition, media buying usually makes the customer the advantage of possibilities of establishing a professional media plan. The staff assigned to agency and control functions for the correct implementation of all contractual terms of placement ad.

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