Clients Development

The feedback in past lives is only recommended for a man, if he is willing to go the feedback in past lives to the phase of confrontation with his past differs in that it arbitrarily or experimentally can be applied not like many psychological methods, or even other methods at each, but it is related to the internal development of each individual fully, which refers to, that repatriation serves their promotion in a crucial section of the development of life. The feedback in past lives is only recommended for a man, if he is willing to go to reach the stage of spiritual purification to the phase of confrontation with his past. Repatriation earlier life is not one who does it for you, but there are the spiritual leaders of the people, who guide him in returning and lead and make sure that the experienced during the session is for each individual to understand and thus blockages and problems can be resolved. The actual work of repatriation in earlier life is not, to put the client in the pictures come up in a State of”or events from previous incarnations but him to learn the meaning of what he learns to understand to make so what he earlier life experiences for the repatriation. It is important that it helps his clients to recognize the experienced in connection with his whole development to arrange its situation at the same time. The actual meaning of the repatriation means to help the people in its internal development and to allow that he understands his situation in his current life understanding him. The feedback in past lives should not only try to resolve lack of symptoms, which however is not insignificant, but to contribute to uncover the actual reason of the difficulties, the Clients recognize to leave what he should change in his current life and that it is aware of him what he has to work in his life today at the mental level.

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