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What is useful, what should elderly people decorate their micro-nutrient needs? Researchers from Hanover woman showed any third party a deficiency of B-complex vitamins including folic acid important. Other researchers were able to show that there is an undersupply of carotenoids, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. From the results, we can conclude that usefully a wider range as needed in addition should be taken by micro-nutrients prevention of senile dementia. Researchers of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada had already joined the evidence some time ago. You were able to show that the memory performance through targeted intake of certain antioxidants and micronutrients is tricky! Elderly people who are at least one year given a combination of vitamins, trace elements and Mineral substances consumed, showed a significantly better mental performance than those who did not.

In addition, these people had also a stronger immune system. The researchers concluded that by the targeted revenue of 18 tested micro-nutrients (in Germany as MemoVitum available) entrance, dementia of Alzheimer’s can be delayed and the intellectual vitality can be preserved. In addition, researchers from the United States showed that with the essential omega-3 fatty acids mental performance is tricky. Navitum Pharma has developed products based on these future-oriented research results that meet the needs of older people. MemoVitum contains exactly the 18 antioxidants used by WHO researchers and OmVitum Omega-3 fatty acid is a pure herbal supplement.

Both are recommended by physicians for the prevention of age-related memory disorders and dementia. MemoVitum

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