Colombian University

This subject was the one that the MEN sent first with the voice of president Santos, to calm the spirits of the directors of the public ones, and who surely will cause protests of educational students and of these is to consider that they run the risk of being privatized (finally, after decades of a trasnochado speech, they find arguments, with something of foundation, to support his protest). But behind the controversial announcement of the private capitals in the public, the proposal presents/displays a great amount of reforms that will strongly hit the system, some of which the minister as soon as it enumerated quickly in his presentation before directors and who only until now these are realizing impact, like for example, the five years which they will have the present universities to ratify itself like such or " bajarse" to being simply institutions of education superior. They insisted minister Campo much and vice-minister Botero in which this one is only one reform, that hopes that &quot is discussed; pacficamente" and that will be only presented/displayed before the Congress of the Republic when there is a national consensus. Not yet it is known, within the agenda of priorities of the government, and their own patience, how long will be arranged to take in the discussion. So far, the proposal of reform to the Law 30 of 1992 that left been in past August the previous minister, Cecilia Maria Vlez, and who only touches the related thing to sources of financing for the public university, has not retired of the House of Representatives, in spite of the announcement of it from this ministry in last November, when it turned his first 100 days, surely now taken by the prudence to play two cards in the Congress of the Republic, in case one of the two is shipwrecked. The question that, so far nonadventure answer, is what as much will be arranged to yield this Government in the analyses of the reform proposal, and until where the pressure will arrive of those who feel affected with the same? , until where the Ministry it will listen and be conciliator when, in the way crossed in the construction of the proposal, it was not characterized for that reason? , the minister will have an ace under the sleeve in case the proposal does not have complete fortune? , will impose the Government his machinery in the Congress to remove the reform ahead, if this one does not arrive with total support? , will have more force the congressmen than they hold interests and friendships in the Colombian university? , they will happen bent the university directors and managers against an exercise that is to them, or was, own of its academic genesis to analyze, to debate and to suggest proposals? Next, the Observatory of the Colombian University presents/displays a first analysis than it means the proposal of reform in the light of the present situation of our system of education superior.

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