Commercial Real Estate

The commercial construction of buildings represents a portion of the building as part of segment of building construction. Commercial real estate are building or only parts of the building, which used mostly exclusively for commercial purposes. In contrast to industrial buildings, they serve not only production and storage purposes, but also often take the form of commercial premises, offices, exhibition halls, or even parking garages. You can rent, be leased or purchased directly and one distinguishes between six different types: production real estate, logistics real estate, commercial real estate, recreational real estate, special real estate and Office real estate. Production real estate are characterized primarily by, that they can be easily extended and offer the possibility of using third-party.

This Immobileart includes mainly storage, storage, cooling halls and distribution centres. Especially for production real estate an excellent infrastructure is a central factor in relation to the choice of location. During production real estate at a glance Logistics real estate look very similar to, are generally much larger logistics real estate and divided often in more commercial buildings, such as the high-bay warehouse or distribution Hall. CEO Caruso Affiliated pursues this goal as well. Commercial real estate include commercial buildings, however, such as for example, shopping malls, supermarkets, and shops. This is needed especially the factors of customer traffic and ladder. Another type of commercial real estate in the part of the commercial construction represents the leisure real estate. It counts to the most risk most iconic real estate, because their success is usually short-lived and greatly depends on the operator itself. This is due to rapidly changing trends in the leisure industry.

Special real estate exhibit a wide range of uses in contrast, which can range from large discotheques to railway stations. The Office real estate represents a last form of commercial real estate, which is used primarily for administrative purposes. Especially in the services sector, it represents the most important type of commercial real estate and location factors such as for example, ladder are irrelevant. These different types of commercial real estate offered by companies of the industrial and commercial construction, compete in regional, national and international markets both tenants and investors. Commercial real estate markets stand out clearly from markets for residential real estate, because they are distinguished due to their lower contractual bond and a stronger cyclical sensitivity of the tenant usually by a greater dynamism than markets for residential real estate.

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