Think about it: when someone click on your link affiliate with Amazon and decides to make a purchase, not necessarily end there. You can to add five additional products to your shopping cart, which you will also receive a Commission of 4%. In addition, products on Amazon can be quite costly. For example, a team of solar panels can cost up to $1,000 and to sell several of those, you could win $40-$ 80 per sale. Amazon also has a history of achieving extremely high conversion rates from its pages, something that most digital products cannot ensure.

Digital products on the other side of the coin, are digital products. These products are sold through sites like Clickbank or PayDotCom. Each seller will offer an e-book, download software or membership at a price that is typically much larger than an ordinary physical book. Because distribution costs are zero, you can earn between 40% and 75% of the total sale when you lead a consumer to the page for that product, and he makes a purchase. The main problem is that it is more difficult to do a conversion with products Digital, unless the seller has invested much time and money in producing high-quality advertising. However, with a list of emails, you can promote multiple digital products, carried out between 1 and 3 sales per customer if the offers are attractive. Perhaps I made a mistake in the way to explain it, because you can actually make money with both physical and digital goods when you propose it. NoMAS are different and, as two different things with similar possibilities, everything depends on your preferences. If you like the idea of earning $30 or more on the sale of electronic books, digital products are for you, but if you want to sell large sets of goods, raising your position on the ladder of Amazon.com, then, may be the market physical products indicated. Original author and source of the article

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