The world of telecommunications has always fascinated me, the man in his desire to express their feelings, ideas and emotions has managed the way of communicating them was how the media as the letter, telegram, telephone, television, the internet have become a primary need. With its advances technology has made a large share in the processes of communication, the internet has been the invention more decisive in the communication of man since his power of immediacy and global nature allows the immediate interaction disappearing geographical distances. Thanks to the internet, other means of communication have evolved together is the case of telephony which was born using copper lines carrying voice, this physical network is known as PSTN (public switched telephone network) and now it has evolved thanks to the internet and to a protocol called TCP IP, consists in that the voice is encoded as data traveling through the internet network and in the place of destination is again decoded to human voice. It is what we know today as voice over ip, or ip or voip voice. 3 Years ago I met such a phone by the need to communicate with a single device in my country to the PSTN network, cellular network and turn international calls economic. It was then when my investigation and I knew the ip voice and I stay with her. In the following days I purchased a VoIP adapter device brand Linksys. References pa2p, and pa2pt and sipura are known here in Colombia. This device requires a minimum configuration and recruitment or acquisition prepayment of a call credit with a VoIP service provider. My next article will explain more about calls by voice ip.

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