To begin our discussion, we will go through some features of the natural history of primitive man. To which aficionado some issues not raised. We will move on the concept and image of society. To put it in its last stages of evolution, will also brief presentations about the origin of life. Observe in this work different economic systems and government. And try to raise the end or extinction of the human race.

The order of these items, we will be setting up as we go. Therefore there is a general rule, follow the themes such as those listed. The will classify each category who independently. Were fenced created following the 2009 inquiry Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo THE ORIGIN OF THE COMPANY AND THE END OF THE SAME will begin with the next question. Should we start with the inquiry about the origin of life and then extend it to society? Or simply must investigate society and not engage in origin? Well give a response of this magnitude requires a long meditation. Since both the first and the second element is important. But it is better to advance from the first company from someone else if that can be called and then discuss some theories about the origin of life. CHAPTER I The first species that began to imagine a large problem, the surest way to be preserved, began to exceed the mechanical structure and instinctive nature preserve. Had already emerged from the sea or land. This first observation made of the nature, opened a wide path.

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