Construction Companies

Construction Company – Construction and design, reconstruction and repair of buildings. Overhaul of industrial buildings and structures may be: – a comprehensive, covering the repair of buildings or construction in general – selected consisting of repair of individual building structures, .0 Overhaul – a complex repair and construction works in order to enhance or restore a reasonable improvement operational performance and reliability. Main activities: renovation and reconstruction of public, industrial and residential buildings. The term reconstruction in the literal means "re-creation." From a formal point of view, the reconstruction of residential buildings is the construction works to modify the existing technical and economic indicators The final stage of reconstruction is a reconstruction-roof. The roof of the building under constant influence of many physical, chemical, mechanical and corrosive factors. Therefore, the roofs of buildings should constantly in sight. In addition to a significant reduction in the number of personnel serving the building engineering systems, with maximum automation and control systems work livelihoods, the owner of an intelligent building can count This container should be filled with content, to make a comfortable environment people live and work. And the content is a set of building engineering systems. Engineering systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of people building owners .

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