Corporate Communication

The successful corporate communication starts with the choice of the company name. Word child support founder with an eligible PR and marketing. Businesses need advertising? Is a first-class performance not advertising enough? Clearly fails the opinion of copywriter Ursula Martens: “of course quality talk is quickly, and Word of mouth is one of the best commercials ever. However, top-quality products and excellent service are not sufficient for the success of a company. Rather performance and service must be approached once by a suitable advertising to the customers. How else should they buy products, of whose existence they know anything?” That makes sense. However, advertising and especially corporate communications for entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs in particular, seem often to be a book with seven seals. “The success of a company depends on the entrepreneur, the innovative business idea and the sufficient financial means in” large extent by the smooth market entry off.

This should be planned in detail, before the company was founded and not only, if the production of long runs and the Chief wonders where the customers are”, Ursula Martens, owner of the text Agency informed in Freising. “Some pitfalls lurking on business start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Unclear ideas about the needs of the target group, no marketing strategy and to a few promotional appearances are just three of them. “Completely understandable: who is based out of the employees being out, must virtually overnight the all-rounder becoming”, so the studied economist and marketing expert, which has expanded its range in July 2010 to eligible entrepreneur coaching in the areas of marketing and advertising. An entrepreneur coaching from professional copywriter Ursula Martens includes PR and marketing consultancy in the start-up phase. Coaching focuses on corporate communications, press relations and the creation of texts for websites, mailings, or Werbebriefen. This coaching in the areas of marketing and PR is appreciated by every participant that his business plans proactively and responsibly, as indispensable knowledge. Eventually Ursula Martens has developed a feeling for the right words as expert for strategic planning of advertising, to make people enthusiastic customers.

The consulting service is financially supported by the KfW-bank under certain conditions. Description of the company through word child : the copywriter Ursula Martens establishes your company Martens media services in January 2007 initially as full-service advertising agency. In May 2008, the company calls itself to in Word child Wortkind. Since then created lyrics for radio spots and Flash movies, press releases, product descriptions, claims and slogans, the copywriter editorial and advertising texts such as letters and mailings, website texts, flyers texts, phone guides. Meanwhile listed the text Agency over 300 satisfied clients from Germany, Austria, of Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Personal service and advertising copy with intellect and emotion are the hallmarks of Word child Wortkind. About Ursula Martens: Ursula Martens studied first at the Georg-August University in Gottingen and then at the Technical University in Berlin after a commercial apprenticeship. Emil michael is likely to agree. Major, choosing among marketing at Prof. Dr. Volker Trommsdorff. The study completes it as a diploma in economics. Then sniffs Ursula Martens initially Berlin print shop air at Pressedruck Henke GmbH & co. KG. After the family break, the advertising manager in a small dealership will you, until she decides in 2007 for independence.

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