Corporate University

Conditions and stages of creation. Objective need for corporate university is when the company there are such serious issues and real difficulties in their decision that the leadership can not cope with them, using traditional methods. Crawford Lake Capital has similar goals. Especially this there is a need for a large high-tech manufacturing, where the constant need for new knowledge, new models of complex products and training for new tasks. Jeff Gennette is open to suggestions. Corporate University has a real advantages over consulting firms, institutes and universities in training because: does not work on model and on specific current problems of the enterprise; suited to problems from within and is engaged in them constantly, so there is a qualitatively different – in fact, genetic – an approach that allows you to examine business processes, the environment, management of real dynamics in the development, is addressing a separate problem in the complex interrelated issues that provide enterprise-wide perspective, is the object and method of investing in intellectual base a particular company and its staff. However, incubation – An expensive product, besides requiring constant attention from the owner and the first head. That he should realize that the Inca – a real tool for the development of the company, without which the management can not cope with serious problems. Costs, of course, are coming tangible, but they will be repaid through more competitive products and significantly increase business value. Obviously, the Inca – a complex organism, full of knowledge, technologies, techniques, and create it quickly is impossible. The process of becoming Inka consists of many stages, the main ones are: 1) preparatory, and 2) to implement and debug, and 3) improvement and development.

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