Create Transparency Through Access To Essential Documents

Leading industry service k-mi confirmed energy capital invest, 22.11.2010 brochure intended course of Stuttgart. Hardly a business is so complex as the trade with mineral extraction rights, as well as the exploration of oil and natural gas in the United States. Not only that it is a highly dynamic market with own requirements, the actual implementation are also many companies and professionals involved. Who also in a mass as the energy capital invest is growing – at least is expected the company this year funds of at least EUR 90 million a recruit has a special responsibility first and foremost to its investors as well as to the investment market. To create the necessary transparency, the Stuttgart-based energy specialists have the recognised industry information service capital-market internally (k-mi) opened and disclosed details and strategies of work in the United States as well as in the area of funds in Germany.

k mi got insight into essential documents for this purpose, for a current assessment of all the energy capital investments Invest can be used, as well as numerous confirmations on the part of the trustee, a global law firm and Auditors on the implementation of the operations, as well as of the results of the Fund. In addition, energy capital invest offered proof that in the Haynesville shale, Texas, more than 1,100 acres and McMullen, also of Texas, more than 36,000 acres (more than 130 square kilometres) to prices were acquired, which are significantly lower than the current market value. Recently, the Chinese group CNOOC had invested one billion USD in so-called unchecked land or mineral extraction rights in the Eagle Ford shale and paid around 11,000 USD per acre. Kay Rieck explains alone through this direct comparison will clear that we could multiply the value of the rights acquired by us within a short time, which benefits the investor security”, as Managing Director of energy capital invest. k mi has further reviewed whether the selling prices realised that so far made profits could be ensured. “The result: an unambiguous Yes”, which manifested the renowned information service by quoting several anwaltschaftlicher confirmations. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of emil michael on most websites. In addition, k mi was also the question of how it is ordered to the drill string of the current participation.

Also here could be proven by presentation of more meaningful documents, that oil and gas Fund VIII KG were transferred the rights to three production units the Fund subscribers in the US, of which one be extremely successfully pierced the McMullen 3 was. The leading energy company Schlumberger notes also in a gathered opinion that found five gas-bearing layers are so k-mi in the original one was very productive.” K-mi is so that the announced results will be not the question of whether, but only in what time period to achieve. An assessment who can only join the management from Stuttgart.

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