Credit Infonavit

AS in all pending there are which meet certain requirements indispensable, 1.-have the minimum score required 116 PTS, or failing that the advance authorization. and take care that all your data is correct, and match your act of, remodeling, construction of housing or mortgage payment, compliance requirements for each of these 3-submit documentation that is you will require by the genral you will be requested the following roles: both of whom buyer as to which seller, among others re request birth certificates records of marriage (in your case) Ifes proof of address and House: Writes receipts of payments of property taxes and water 4.- and the respective valuation of property 5.-it is very important that you calculate your payment does not exceed your chances, you will not always be able to buy the best home But if the best credit and best payment according to your circumstances, you can also plan as an investment and a future change this to a better House as they increase your income or those of your family. We recommend that your House has independent walls, and that all services are nearby, so that you can live at ease, also takes care that meets what you you need, remember that it will be a decicion that changed your life, and full of satisfactions that you tell with a link in which you develop without necesirdad pay rent, or with the possibility of being you who received, as aid for the payment of the same.

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