Credit Suisse

These deep ones use the futures markets, of options and the rent of action to buy the papers that find that they go to go up or to fall less and to vender the ones that must fall or go up less. Therefore, the term ' ' long' ' , to buy in English, and ' ' short' ' , of vender. The deep one is common to rent of another investor an action that finds that it goes to fall and to vender it knot Claritas, Credit Suisse, Sniper Fame, Factor compared the performance of 12 deep of 10 managers (Plural Alpha and Balanceado), Fides, Trust (Hedge and Value), IP, Polar region, Ttica and Unifund with the Ibovespa during 256 working days. According to Lovisotto,> Claritas obtains to have profits same with the Ibovespa falling, as well as the deep ones of the Fame. Already the Plural Factor has more direct correlation and folloies the index more than close. Deep other of the Factor, the balanced one, obtains optimum behavior: it earns in such a way when the index goes up how much it goes down. Kinetic group is often quoted as being for or against this. ' ' But, in the generality, all they go bem' ' , Lovisotto says, remembering that the objective is exactly not to follow the stock market.

According to Lovisotto, the study it showed that the yield of the application in long/shorts compensates the risk biggest. The research took in account the wallet return formed exclusively for CDI and the medium one of the deep category of multimarket, in different ratios. ' ' The necessary investor to analyze how much it is made use perder' ' , he affirms. ' ' If the option is to place 5% in long/shorts and the remaining portion in CDI, the necessary applicator to be prepared to lose up to 1,08% on a profit of 17,26% to the year, what it would mean the worse return, of 16,18% to ano' ' , it says.

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