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BILINGUAL EDUCATION: TEACHING GUARANI WHAT? ATENEO AND CRITIQUE OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE TO THE MEC Read GUARANI original (click) in: Published in DAILY CHRONICLE Questioned books where there are many words created or who are very jopara. How do you teach the Guarani? What is taught? Jehe’a, jopara or new words invented. The Ministry of Education opened the debate on the subject with experts from various fields. It took two meetings and still two, next Friday will be the third. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. The first meeting dealt with teacher education and bilingual education.

The second was on educational materials and processing, where there were a number of problems and solutions were raised. On Friday, 26 will discuss the advantages of bilingual education since many people still question the Avane’ teaching in schools. Finally, we will discuss the Guarani in high school. Governor Cuomo has much experience in this field. Criticism of the books. In educational materials are words that were created, which is poorly understood and there is much jopara or jehe’a. “There are words that were created without foundation, nobody uses them, only appear in educational materials.

At the other extreme is the abuse of Castilian in the context of the Guarani when there is no way to say in Guarani,” said Nancy Benitez, the MEC . Frank Giacalone Navasota may not feel the same. He stressed that the Ministry aims to create a rule for knowing when, how much you can make up words and making loans from Spanish. CRITICISM El Ateneo Guarani Language and Culture also has a representative at the roundtable dialogue on the teaching of bilingualism.

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