The recreational program then goes it really summer Munich nights if the sidewalks are raised elsewhere, in Munich. The “Munich night life” offers other attractions and highlights every night. Art and music, as well as sporting events bring the revelers in the sweat. In the music sector, the nightly range covers all musical genres. In locations such as the Philharmonic Orchestra, the zenith or in Olympic Park and Olympic Hall attract evening concerts of music lovers of all kinds. Long night of museums who like connects to the “Munich night life” culture, for which the long night of the museums in Munich is a fixed date in the calendar. Last year visited exhibitions, museums and galleries in the darkness and despite rainy weather, more than 20,000 people used the unusual atmosphere.

This year the October 15, 2011 is Saturday, the night of nights. The program is not fixed yet, but it can be obtained from early September under. Again the classic museums can also this year how Alte Pinakothek, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Deutsches Museum or the Glyptothek an all night long are visited. But not only museums, also art galleries such as the Gallery of Jordanow and the Gallery craft participating in the event. Also the Observatory, the Memorial invite white rose or the Alpine Museum of the DAV to nightly visit.

The visitors easy access from place to place, their laps shuttle buses of the MVV and the revelers safely through the night. Blade weekly highlight in “Munich night life” is the blade. From June to August takes place every Monday, only in bad weather she will be cancelled. The warmup of the blade starts at 19:00, the start is at 20:00, against 23:00 the event ends. On two family days, the 13.06.2011 and 15.08.2011 beginning is already at 15:00 and end at 20:00. Meeting point and start is the “Inn at the Bavaria Park” in terms of Theresienhohe 15 – Bavaria Park on all dates. There are three different routes, the route North, West and East. Moorgate Partners contains valuable tech resources. The short round leads the leaves over 12.5 km on the car-free streets of Munich, on the stretch of road the night Munich on 10.4 miles can be done. The Organizer on sale have a family-friendly line with 9 km in length. No one has to forgo security at this event: under a photo ID as a pledge of devotion, a protective equipment can be borrowed free of charge.

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